Bevel, chamfer, Ngons, cuts (B-mesh) ?

Hello everyone.

I’m here to ask some help. Indeed, I was used to create my projects using 3DS.
I’ve used as well Blender, but now I would like to use it more, not to mention almost everytime.

And honestly there are some importants options (according to me) I need which are not available.

Chamfer: I was used to use it quite a lot under 3DS, I know in the past there was a bevel script doing the same, but not anymore under 2.62, is there away to have it again ? Under 2.6 !

Ngons: Ngons… This might sound stupid for most Blender users to read I think this is important to have that, but I really feel more confortable when I’m able to model using N-gons, I don’t have to pay attention to the topology at first…

Cut tool: I know there is a Knife tool, but I don’t really like the way It works, is there another scripts or something giving the opportunity to have something working like 3DS ?

And finally… B-mesh…I’ve found the B-Mesh blog, and It seems, It’s not yet released but It would solve my request with Ngons !
Is there a B-mesh version working under Blender 2.5 ?

The same for the others options I stated above… If you think I better have to go back on 2.5, at least, using this version because that one has more options as I need (Let me know…)

I really would like to stick on Blender, because there are a part from that, a lot of aspects I really appreciate ! :cool:

(I’ve forgotten to mention I ask this mostly for game-modeling)

Sorry for the size of my post.

Hehe, bored of spending money huh :slight_smile:

I’ve worked professionnaly with 3DSMAX in small projects for small companies, I in fact learnt this app at school some years ago, they don’t teach Blender at all, but don’t prevent you from using it for your projects obviously.

Now I’m learning Blender again because there are serveral aspects I like. The way you model for exemple it’s rather efficient and straight forward.
However I can tell I’ve given up serveral times learning it because I had difficulties with its UI, but thanks goods tutorials teaching Blender and all the shortcuts shown I now feel honestly quite a lot more confortable using it than 3DS, I’m like frustrated when I go back in 3DS.

I don’t take into consideration the fact people are used to tell It’s better using Maya or MAX because they think It’s more pro, just because you pay it 3000$.
It all depends on what you need, and for what I do, Blender is really suitable. It’s a tool as another !

Lastly, There is for sure the free aspect, and the fact It’s open source, I actually like the fact we are able to create projects as good as projects done under paid applications, the fact this community shares a lot as well…

And If ever later I want to use it for my “own” company, if ever I own one, that would be easier to start for me as I’m lacking of money :wink:

@Richard : Thank you, that’s awesome, I tested it, I see Ngons are already available, the cut tool is really cool to use and the fact it snaps automatically to the vertices…


Is there anyway to be informed through blender another update is avaible ? Another build ?

Sorry for this novel :stuck_out_tongue:

Best regards all always has the latest builds for all OSs. Check back there frequently. Just be aware that those builds are beta builds and may be a bit buggy. However they do give you the opportunity to truly participate in the open source community by reporting any bugs you find!

There’s the bevel modifier. You can control where it is applied with weights or angles. Not as easy, but it’s there.

Yes, I know you were kidding, no worries, I was telling my motivation to use blender. :wink:
About the crease tool.

I tested that, It seems that works such as the crease option in 3DS, but I’m not sure It’s recommanded when you have to transfert details from a highpoly model to a low poly model, isn’t it ? (normal map) Not sure you have good result, I should test.

Besides that, nice chair ! :slight_smile: It’s going to look pro.

@spec: thanks for the info but I had noticed that modifier, It was not really what I wanted in this case.