Bevel Edge Flow

Hi. I am new to Blender (but not 3D modeling). I am having a bit of a struggle with the Bevel function. The edge flow of the bevel is not what I would expect. Is there an option that I am missing? (see image)

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That is the correct behavior for bevel. To get the result you want you’ll need to use a simple the Г-shaped flat object, bevel that and then solidify or extrude along normals.


Another way to do this is to define the distance with edge loops first and use the bevel with the percent width type. Don’t forget to merge the vertices if you set the bevel to 100%.


Thanks for both your answers! :slight_smile: Hopefully the Bevel-tool will get an option (check) for Flow-sensitivity one day in the future.

@Stan_Pancakes The way you described the process is in fact how I made the example of my expected behaviour :slight_smile:

@Lillya This looks very interesting! I will try this approach the next time an different types of angles and see if it performs more flow sensitive :slight_smile:


EDIT: @Lillya I believe your solution addresses the problem :slight_smile: Thank you!


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