Bevel Extruded curve curves orizontal object

I want to send a 3d file .blend of the problem can someone help me?
The problem is a curve of a stairlif that rotate in the final part after a 90° curve and puts itself in diagonal.
Can I have the bevel object alwais orinzontal or can I rotate the curve in some manner?
Thank You very much!!! :no:

this is a file with the curve in edit mode.

One question. Why use such a shitty file host site as 4shared that makes you register or jump through hoops just to download a poxy file.

Attach the file to the post or upload to

There’s no such thing as a 90deg curve.
I have to agree, without swearing…use another cloud storage like pasteall or even mediafire. you could always use dropbox or google drive

maybe he doesn’t know any other cloud storage websites or they are blocked in his country/province

Yes. Link to instructions in my signature.

This is the file. When you open it there is a curve in edit mode.
It is the path for a stairlift, but it changes direction in the final curve and rotates of 90° orizontally.
I want a vertical path for the stairlift but it doesn’t rotate as I want and remains orizontal in the final part.
Can someone help?

It’s possible to adjust the curve tilt by selecting handles and ctrl+T.

But there are few problems with the setup. Object origins are off and so is the object scale for the main curve.

Select the object and ctrl+alt+shift+C -> origin to geometry

Main curve:
Edit mode, select first handle, shift+S -> cursor to selected
Object mode, ctrl+alt+shift+C -> origin to 3D cursor
Object mode, ctrl+A -> scale. Then move it back to position.

BevelExtrude_ja12.blend (349 KB)

Thanks a lot problem solved.