Bevel extrusion along 3D curve & endpoint angles


I have two curves. An open one, curve A and a closed one, curve B.
I’m using curve A’s bevel option to extrude curve B.
This works fine and well except that I want the endpoint “copies” of B to match the curve’s angle.

The bottom screenshot shows the extrusion with high detail. It looks almost perfect.
The top screenshot uses lower detail and the problem becomes apparent.

How can I get the extrusion to start & end precisely at curve A’s endpoints?
Edit: What I meant is, how can I get the endpoint angles to match the curve precisely?


here is another way to do it with more precision
use poly curve instead it should fit better

bezier handles curves are use to manually adjust the curve which is great for doing curvy curves i guess
but preicsion is function of the number of points use the less there are the less precision you have !

curves on left started with mesh curve then converted to curve which was poly curve not bezier
then transform into bezier

curve on right have only a few points bezier and it is difficult to adjust to curve’s countour

happy bl

You will have to rotate the endpoints to the right angle. As it works now properly the ‘moving’ shape takes on the z-orientation of each curve point. Select each point and enable the manipulator widget (normal transform)to see its orientation. The handles will determine the normal directions.