Bevel in 2.46rc1 just one recussion ?

why is that ?

when i bevel something , i just get one recursion , i cant choose more , why ?

try hitting + & - on your numpad

The mousewheel might work also, since I think ± work for ctrl-R but I use the mousewheel …

hmm… just tried 2.46 rc1 and I looks like recursion option has been disabled (unlike bevel build from graphicall). I don’t know why… maybe it wasn’t stable enough…

I have the same problem with 2.46 RC1 and can’t find a better way than doing a single bevel multiple times.

Can someone tell me how to use bevel recursion in 2.46 please? I just downloaded the final release version and I still can’t work out how to use recursion. I remember using recursion in earlier builds of 2.46 but I can’t remember how, i think I could use the mouse wheel to increase/decrease the recursion amount.

don’t worry about RC1 the final RC for 2.46 shoud be out this week

i just saw it 2.46 is finally out so get it

Hi Ricky. I should have made a new thread about this (i’ll do that now) instead of using one referencing RC1. To be clear I am using the final version that was released yesterday, not a test build. There still seems to be no way to set the recursion level when beveling.

The bevel tools were revamped during GSOC, and are now much more powerful (they even use ngons under the hood!). The recursion setting was too buggy, so it was removed a couple of months ago. If you need recursion, you could try the bevel center script.

Thanks for the answer egan, i’ll stop looking for the option now I know it’s been removed.

I hope to see recursion added back into the new bevel tools at some point because at the moment you have to compromise. You can either use the old less powerful bevel script, but have the option of using recsrsion or you can use the new powerful bevel tools but can’t recurse them.