Bevel in world space?

Hi is there any way to bevel an object in world space?

In Blender I seem to have to apply any transforms for the bevel to be equal along all edges.

In Maya there’s an option to perform the bevel in World space so that you can get an equal bevel without having to lose the transform data.

Is there any equivalent in Blender or do you just have to apply the transforms?

I’m not aware of any option to do this, but @howardt would know better than anyone.

I’m curroius: any reason why not just a apply the transfrom??

There is no option to do it in world space, sorry. When I first was working on bevel a long time ago, I wondered whether it should always do it in world space (which would be more complicated because BMesh is in object space, so I’d have to make a transformed copy, do the bevel there, then transform back and replace the old mesh; there are some special cases that could be handled more simply). I was told: none of the other modeling tools do that, so don’t bother: the user can simply apply transforms. This mainly is an issue for new users who don’t understand why their bevel looks weird, or experienced users who forget now and then.

Hey, thanks for the replies.

The reason I don’t want to apply the transforms is because I want to preserve the scale to refer to later.

It’s a novel use-case I suppose, but I’m working on a IRL woodworking project. I’m working out the measurements by scaling a 1x1x1 cube to the correctly sized pieces for the project. I could just make the pieces in the required shape, with a scale of 1 but then I have to measure all the pieces, rather than just looking at the scale.

It’s not that important that I can bevel the edges, and I can always do it at the shader level if necessary. (Unless that works in object space too). But I’ve worked out woodworking projects in Maya before using this technique and it was nice to be able to bevel the edges in worldspace, to get a more accurate final look.

How are you using the scale to get your dimensions?

Why not just use the dimensions directly?


If it’s just a matter of keeping information around, you could write each object’s dimensions in a custom property, and make a small properties editor, in a corner, centered on that info, so that it’ll always show the dimensions when you select an object.

Because I didn’t know that was a thing. :grinning:
Thank you very much. Solves all the problems.

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