Bevel issue after merging meshes together


I’m designing something like a hair dryer as in below photo.
after applying boolean to merge handle with main body, would like to give a nice-smooth bevel as the original model though can not. Any idea for how to figure it out easily? thanks

Hope this helps. You have to match the vertices from the cylinder to your handle (merging the two by using bridge edges). See file I attached. I wasn’t sure how you achieved your result but thought I’d offer a different way of box modeling, with a subdivision modifier to smooth it out.
Hairdryer.blend (801.0 KB)


thank you so much, it works well.
but one question, i see a loop at the connection point despite perform the same thing as your suggestion.
attached blend file, could you please help me to check where do I make a mistake that the output can not be fully smooth as yours? thanks

untitled.blend (787.3 KB)

Hey no problem at all. I looked at your file and the handle looks like it has overlapping geometry. You can do a mesh clean up but I ended up rebuilding the handle so it was nice and clean, then you can see that loop that goes all around. With yours, it wasn’t a continuous loop that I could select. So something funny must have happened when you were adding extra edge loops or something.
hairdryer_fix.blend (826.4 KB)

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I think this is the culprit. You have an edge from your handle that isn’t required. When bridging, you need to make sure your outer perimeter lines up with the same vertices. That edge is throwing things off.

Look at my original file I sent. The middle one. You’ll notice that I don’t have that extra edge in the middle

Screenshot 2021-02-15 104149

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well noted, thanks for detailed explanations

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