Bevel issue

Hello to everyone.
I am struggling with bevel modifier.
I am trying to bevel this object but it seems that the result produce some artifacts, as it is shown in the image.

I tried to create severals vertex groups and assigned them the bevel modifier step by step but… nothing to do…
I also included the blend file, there are a WRONG and a RIGHT object (the RIGHT object is still wrong because I cannot correct it)
Any help is welcome

Thanks, cheers (79.9 KB)

One thing Bevel doesn’t like: sharp angles. Connecting edges should meet beveled edges at preferably 90°. The little holes in the middle would need to be fixed as well.

Just for demonstration. This should be cleaned up further. I also added a supporting edge loop to help with the shading.

Thanks a lot standard_owl!!!
It seems it works…
Er… Do you know also why the width does not affect the modifier?


Select all > ctrl+v > Remove Doubles should fix it.

Dimensions of the model: x: 0.125, y: 0.102, z: 0.015 (3D View > Properties (N) Panel > Transform > Dimensions)
Bevel Width: 0.2
Turn off ‘Clamp Overlap’ on the modifier and see what happens
You’re trying to bevel too much

Give meaning to Blender Units by using either metric or imperial units:
Properties Editor > Scene > Units > Length

1 Yes, I left turned off the clamp just to check if I was trying to bevel too much!
2 Into the original project I am using metric units


Unfortunately not friend…
Thanks anyway