Bevel mitering in Blender 2.8?



Better boolean is awesome :slight_smile:

(CarlG) #22

Would be nice with an option that adds extra geometry which creates face that is tangent to the face it bevels into. So if you bevel the edge around a big table surface, the first part of the bevel would actually be tangent to the table surface and smooth shading would then keep the table surface completely flat.

Dealing with this takes too long for me to do proper, I just end up using 45 degree chamfers instead of a round bevel. Making the table surface flat shaded is not an option.

This might also help when creating pipe bends using vertex beveling on sharp pipe routings.

(howardt) #23

CarlG, have you tried the new harden normals option of bevel? It sets the normals at the edge of the bevel segments that are right beside the face it bevels into to the normal of that face. So you shouldn’t need that extra segment to get the completely flat effect you want with smooth shading,

(Hadriscus) #24

Ah, custom curve would be so neat ! Thanks for your continued work Howard.

(XYZero) #25

"Add miter pattern options.

Will document the new options in release notes, then in manual.
Still a bit of work to do on the bulging shape that appears
on cube corners if using arc inner miters, but will do that later.
Also need to do something smarter in clamp overlap."

Thanks Howard so much for your great work being done.
Look forward to future improvements.

(Ace Dragon) #26

The example in the release notes show just how this is one of the most important bevel-related modeling features to have come into Blender for years (outside of the weighted normals).

Now we don’t have to deal with this :confounded: thing (which produces shading artifacts and requires additional edges to bevel or doing a specific order to prevent).

And instead have the (already mentioned) baby smooth results in one step with no tricks and no planning. :sunglasses:

(Peetie) #27

Yay! And it doesn’t break addons like hardops and cuber this time.
Good stuff. Was always a hell of a job to turn triangles to quads as well.

(Veezen) #28

I didn’t expect that we will get it so fast!!
Thanks Howard. I’ve tested it today and it works awesome! There are few problems with “spread” feature and edges idea that billrey mentioned alread on devtalk forum so I can’t wait for your future updates on Bevel. This is just amazing!

This is a big game changer for modeling.

Spread feature was already fixed based on info from devtalk.

(CarlG) #29

Assume you put those bevels around the whole model, how would the big flat faces look? Are they flat or shaded smooth (smooth shading enabled of course)? Test using sharp metal on environment map. Using edge split or selected flat shading doesn’t produce the desired result, as the transition to the smoothed part is “broken” (not tangentially continuous).

The bevel itself though looks nice and what I’d expect to get - but never do :slight_smile:

(yursiv) #30

Almost perfect

(Jamez) #31

Curious as to how you are rotating those edges in that manner?

(obsurveyor) #32

It’s built into Blender under Edge->Rotate Edge CCW(or Mesh->Edges->Rotate Edge CCW in 2.79)

(Jamez) #33

thanks, I did know about that function. I guess I was wondering how he was getting it to rotate consecutively, but I suppose he has assigned a hotkey to it or is doing it once via menu and then a few shift-r presses…

(Tomáš Luža) #34

Fantastic surprise that came out of nowhere, thanks devs.

(Arindam) #35

haha… I think, he have assigned a hotkey for that as the cursor remains in and around those selected edges. If it has to be through a (context) menu, it would have definitely popped-up right there around the “+” cursor.

However, I am also intrigued by how he cut those ngon by selecting just two vertices. It could be through bpy.ops.mesh.knife_tool operator. @yursiv can you please share your trick here. :smile:

(Tomáš Luža) #36

So many sweet possibilites I still don’t know about. Thank your for pointing this out (edge rotation).

(yursiv) #37

Here is tool for cutting

Here is for rotating edges


i like to assign mouse wheel + some other key for this kind of things(select more/less, select next etc.)

(Tomáš Luža) #38

Btw is there any plan to get mitering option to regular bevel (CTRL + B) aswell? So far it is great but comes only with bevel modifier.

(Arindam) #39

It’s already there (both the Modifier and in the Edit Mode kind of share the same algorithm). Try out the Adjust Last Operation to have more context driven options.


You can also Right Click on that option to add to your Quick Favorites list or Assign a Hotkey.

@yursiv What is the main difference between Connect Vertex Path and Connect Vertex Pairs?

(Tomáš Luža) #40

Ok, this indeed works, it is a bit strange workflow but it works so thanks. I suppose they will merge it into initial settings of bevel in the future.