Bevel mitering in Blender 2.8?


(yursiv) #41

With vertex path you can select more than 2 vertices and they will be connected with selection order

(howardt) #43

Rather than using Adjust Last Operation, I just expand the “Bevel” popup that appears in the lower left of the 3d viewport after doing a bevel, and you can access the miter types there.
I guess I should add some keyboard shortcuts for adjusting these things. Or even better, make a better bevel gizmo that allows changing these things visually.

(Arindam) #44

That would be so awesome Mr. Trickey! Thank you for your continued work on these areas. I have had a talk with Rohan, he expressed his desire to come back at some point in time and work more closely on these development, (maybe when he finally get settle down a bit with his first job at Uber).

Hey @William, would you like pitch some ideas for this specific Bevel Gizmo?

(Hadriscus) #45

A gizmo would be nice, but if I understand correctly mitering options are mutually exclusive ? ie it’s either one or the other ? How would we represent that in a gizmo ? I can see handles to modify scalars but that one is more complicated…

(Tomáš Luža) #46

Yeah, that is what I was looking for, thank you.

(William) #47

We could do a few things.

#1 we could add the Miter option as a drop down in the tool settings area in the tool settings, ie here:

#2 We could add a visual gizmo too. But, I’m not sure how this would work, given that a bevel has no inherent direction - it’s more an amount and a shape. We generally haven’t added gizmos to tools that have no directionality. You can already click and drag to set the amount.

Imo, the best way to address this, is to address the larger issue of the tool adjustments options only being available after your initial adjustment. This is a fundamental issue with the way tools have always worked in Blender. For any active tool, the tool adjustments could appear as soon as you switch to a given tool.

If solved, it would allow for a way to directly dial in the amount and profile etc immediately, rather than having to do it in two steps.

This would also be a huge benefit for the transform tools. You could dial in the movement immediately, rather than having to first to a transform and then type in the values in the adjustments panel.

(Thinking Polygons) #48

How are you getting those clean results? When I try the arc mitering (which gives the most similar result to yours) I get different/not so clean topology.

What I’m nissing?

(howardt) #49

The arc miter pattern still needs work in re where unbeveled edges are attached. I’ll get to that soon.

(Thinking Polygons) #50

Alright. Thank you Sir. :smiley:

(Jamez) #51

Aha, that is a great idea, thanks. If I wasn’t a strict tablet user I would definitely try that out…

(Veezen) #52

I had fun playing with the new bevel yesterday again, and I came with one cool idea, but I don’t really know if this is possible to achieve.

What if we could control bevel on booleans intersections? Thanks to that we could control main bevel and change width of bevel on boolean objects like on screen example.

I don’t know how it might work, but maybe intersection could make a weighted edges, and thanks to that we could control it somehow by slider. Even if we had to use another bevel just for that, it would be amazing!
What I mean is that it would be amazing to have a non-destructive workflow.

(howardt) #53

Veezen: I’m not sure, but it sounds like you want something like the bevel-after-boolean addon that someone is working on, but built into Blender. I agree this would be nice, and is in my long term wish list of things to work on.

(Veezen) #54

Good to hear that :wink:
Yes, this is what I meant. There is only one problem with Bevel after boolean - you need to accept whole geometry to use that tool. I was thinking about something more non-destructive when you can change design ideas really fast without destroying mesh just by moving around boolean objects.

(Zuorion) #55

afaik by built into Blender @Howard ment bab tool and modifier. Am i right?

(Ace Dragon) #56

I just got a new build and noticed you remembered to add it to the modifier as well.

This will make that modifier far more useful, as I generally did not use it much because of the shading artifacts caused by that awful sharp miter.

Now it’s all smooth and correct when combined with the normal weighting :smile:

(z01ks) #57

This is a great development. I wanted to check if there are plans of making the Bevel tool behave in a more aesthetic way in simple circumstances like this:

(David C B) #58

As someone new to Blender I found your excellent suggestion also helpful as a mini tutorial. I hadn’t quite understood the benefit of utilizing percent while beveling over a specific measurement. Now after reproducing the results of your stated workaround I do. Thank you.

(XYZero) #59

Looks like another fix was committed today…

Question, how long does it usually take for commits to hit the BF download page?

(TheRedWaxPolice) #60

One day. I mean, usually there’s one build per day, but sometimes there’s more than one per day or even no builds for days… It varies a lot, just keep checking… :wink:

(XYZero) #61

Thanks for the reply.
I’m seeing usually for the 64bit, 2 a day, early in the day, and late in the day.

So glad that this bevel situation is being worked on by Howard Trickey.
Also this summer GSOC 2019!

Thanks again.