Bevel Modifier Profile

hey everyone,

i’ve got a big problem with the bevel modifier.
i need it add 2 segments without changing the shape but can’t seem to get it clean :confused:
the original edges are not allowed to move at all while the added support loops should be added “flat”.
but in some areas everything gets wonky.

cheers christian

is there maybe some kind of addon?

also the bevel width is not consistent … :open_mouth:



Did you apply scale before doing bevel?

hi vandorius, yes i did.

Don’t know really but I take my chance with my top 3:

  • Proportional editing activated ?
  • Wrong transform orientation ?
  • Magnet activated

Please upload the Blend file

none of these apply to my scene … transforms are all 0 and scale 1

unfortunately i cannot share the scene … so selected a small area where i have those problems and deleted the rest.
as soon as i did so the bevel width was uniform but when i undid it was back again of course :confused:

cheers christian