Bevel modifier question by angle

LO_05.blend (1.5 MB)
On 01Beveling… I’ve highlighted two edges that get beveled by the bevel modifier, shown in 02Bevelled… even though the angle is set to 25. I can’t figure out why the bevel modifier is grabbing these edges. Anyone have any ideas?

It’s easy to fix. These two vertices are not connected. I put them a bit apart to show what I mean. These two vertices are just sitting on the same spot. So the bevel modifier won’t work correctly here.

Just select all vertices and use the menu Mesh->Clean up->Merge by distance. It’ll find all vertices that are very close to each other and will weld them together.

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I didn’t catch that there were two there because I forgot to put it in wireframe or x-ray mode when checking for that. Thank you.
I tried both clean up and merging them by hand, but I’m still getting errors in there. It is better than before though.

I finally figured the second part out. There was an internal face on both sides causing the lack of bevelling.

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