Bevel modifier - topology problem, need help with blend file

After modelling a couple of objects I decided to bevel their edges but ran into a problem, since my topology does not work well with the bevel modifier.

As you can see, I’m getting artefacts because of the poles I created; so I know what the problem is, but I cannot figure out how to correct my topology. (I have several other objects, which are similar and I would rather correct them than having to model them all again.) I’ve used bevel weights to define the edges I want.

Any tips on how to get rid of the poles and still keep the hollow structures of my object? Here’s a .blend file, if you would like to have a closer look.


bevel_problem.blend (531 KB)

Bevel hates this type of edge connections.

@eppo: Yea, 90 degree angles work better, but still these areas are bevelled more than others, which might be ok for my purpose here, but I’ll try and find a better solution.

I guess for the moment, this is how the bevel modifier works, but I was hoping, that it was possible to build my desired object with a topology that gives clean edges without poles in the middle, but I guess cutting holes into something always involves loopcuts causing poles.

If you want precise look use Ctrl-B shortcut bevel. I would recommend type .03 instead of immediate mouse move. That insures more predictable results.
Ctrl-B could be used even on your mesh, but there are artefacts. It’s not perfect on such pole points.

Thanks eppo for your suggestions. I went with your attempt of making the pole intersection right angled. Of course the bevel modifier is still computing a slightly different offset around those vertices, but it’s not so noticeable in my case.

don’t see the bevel where is it ?


The dark shaded area on ever edge is the bevel. This is edit mode, but I used the bevel modifier and haven’t applied it yet. It did work the way I wanted now, since the offset difference is very very small now.

The bevel modifier has a problem with this but the bevel tool does not.

some times you got to do it the old fashioned, way model it.
there is a second bevel tool addon that works different.

Thanks a lot! I didn’t know the bevel tool was different. Well, everything works perfect now. :slight_smile:

I intend to replace the code used in the bevel modifier with the code used in the bevel tool. But it is unlikely to happen for the 2.66 release (coming very soon). I’m pretty sure it will be done for the 2.67 release.

I’m looking forward to it!

I still like using the bevel modifier for the convenience of adjusting the size of many beveled edges at once.