Bevel modifier + vertex groups

I really, really love the bevel modifier and have been making use of it a lot. But I’m correct in assuming that you can’t use vertex groups with it.

I do a lot of hard surface modelling, cars mostly, and often I need to bevel some edges sharply and others more rounded.

This means using bevels with different number of segments and widths. There is only so much you can do with different bevel weights.

Been able to use vertex groups would really be nice with this modify. With that I could use different bevel modifiers on different edges on the same mesh.

That function is called “Edge bevel weights.”
In edit mode: ctrl+e -> (something like bevel weights) -> enter a value between zero and one that will serve as a multiplier for the bevel radius for all edges selected.
This is associated with the option in the bevel modifier limit by: weight.

(I may not have the terms right; don’t have Blender in front of me, but what you’re looking for is possible.)

You can use vertex groups to bevel vertices but not edges. It has been a feature request for a while to make it work for edges too, and it will not be very hard to do, but I have prioritized it behind fixing bugs in knife and bevel first. Maybe I’ll get to it this release cycle. If a new developer wants to get their feet wet, this would be an easy first project and I would be happy to review a patch for it.

@howardt thanks for the reply. At the very least it’s nice to know it is on your todo list.

You should read what people write more carefully but anyhow Howardt has already confirmed that he is aware of the limitation I spoke of so no problem…(in my post I did write about the limitation of bevel weights). weights are acts like a multiplier to the width value so there is a limit to how sharp or loose it can make a bevel plus it has no effect on the segments of a bevel IIRC.

that is old bug still not fixed.

My apologies.

Thanks, but think nothing of it. I also skim over posts now and again.

While useless UI talk is all over the forum, we still dont have a working bevel algorithm. Just great…

no that bad 3dsmax still dosn’t have quad chamfer xD

The latest builds of Blender now allow membership in vertex groups to affect edge bevels in the bevel modifier.

I saw this in the “Did you see the latest awesome…” thread and said thanks there but I will say thanks again here. I really appreciate this new addition to the modifier. I downloaded a build and will be testing it out this evening.

yeah however there is a problem because it uses vertex groups with means that sometimes there are sytuations where edge group would be needed and that is new request :smiley: