Bevel Modifyer seems to alter direction ad creates distortions

Hi there

I got a question concerning the Bevel Modifyer.

While using it, I ffound out, that some objects only beveled, if Clamp Overlay was switched off.

Then I switched it on at these objects and only beveled certain edges for finding out, which edges were causing the issues.

I finally figured out edges that either did not bevel at all or had distortions in them.

What I’ve finally seen in Wireframe mode is, that the curvature of the bevel seems to alter directions.
While the curvature starts inwards (as usual) at the beginning of the edge, it looks like it’s bending outwards at the end of the edge.

At another edge it starts inwards and is bending upwards at the end of the edge.

How can that be?
Even deleting the problematic vertices and recreating them does not seem to solve this problem.
Scale and Merge by Distance are applied and there don’t seem to be double vertices.

Is it possible to manually set the desired direction of the curvature of the bevel modifyer (and to force it, to keep bending inwards)?

2 edges on the other hand do not seem to bevel at all. There is a different small edge between the 2 edges that refuse to bevel , which bevels normally.

How does it come these edges just don’t bevel and how could I make them to?

Thank you so much and take care.


The problem is solved!

Calculate Normals solved the distortion issue and the problem that caused some edges didn’t bevel at all were caused by double edges.