Bevel on buildbot

Hi all,

I’ve seen that on latest windows buildbot there is something is not working with bevel modifier. Does anyone have this issue?


Buildbot (


Hi, work as expected with hash b’6bdf1d6’.
Could you upload your file?

Cheers, mib

For example.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

bevel.blend (455 KB)

I think this has to do with a recent change to intersection code to do a test against a small number to test for collinearity; I suspect the small number is too big. I’m investigating another similar bug and I think the fix to that will also fix this. I’ll report back here if so.

Yes, it is the same problem. I need to get the dev who made the change to look at a fix I will suggest.

Ok thanks!

OK, the problem has been fixed in master. Tomorrow’s buildbot builds should have the fix.

Ok thanks all!