Bevel on imported SVG

Hi guys :slight_smile: Im new to blender and i got a problem with the bevel on an imported svg.

First i converted the logo i made in illustrator to a simple black svg. Then i imported and scaled it to 42.

After that i converted it to mesh and extruded it.

Then i changed the color to see everthing better. i attached the bevel option via modifiers, but nothing is happening :frowning:

I hope someone can help me and i want to apologize for my bad english :slight_smile:

Scaled in object mode so it has unapplied object scale. There’s too much geometry because the resolution wasn’t changed before converting to mesh. The structure is not suitable for bevel.

ctrl+A -> scale to apply. Object data properties to change the resolution. After convert, edit mode, select all, W -> remove doubles, X -> limited dissolve and change the maximum angle from the operator panel. It makes an n-gon of the triangle faces, which is a concave shape. Mesh -> clean up -> split concave faces.

Solidify modifier, then bevel modifier. Use at least the angle limit on the bevel modifier. Clamp overlap will limit the bevel within the smallest edge.

Maybe I’m missing something…
Couldn’t you have extruded and bevelled the thing while it was still a curve and then convert to mesh afterwards (if at all)?

Wow, thank you! That worked great! Much better then my resoult after i found out that when i disable “Clamp Overlap” it works too.