Bevel on vertices


As you can see in the image, at one vertex, I get a 4 side bevel and on another, I am not getting rounded edges at all even after applying bevel.

I am using CTRL + Shift +B and tried Apply > All Transforms

It would be nice to know how to fix this. Thanks.

Looking at this, it seems like your geometry is wrong to get the result you want. I’m seeing overlapping polygons there, so whilst one poly does have its vertex bevelled, it’s at odds with the other geo.

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Thanks. I think something went wrong when I tried to use CTRL R on the portion behind that area.

Been there, done that, think we all have. :wink:


Hi there,

Could you show us what it is you like to achieve? Using n-gons is not the best, should always be avoided, but there are other solutions, that may work for you.

Can you show us a reference maybe, what your plan is? :slight_smile:

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I was trying to create a 3D folder. The area is the front portion which I tried to Bevel. I am using a plane as the base