Bevel or Chamfer Selected Edges ONLY?

All modeling software packages that I have worked with in the past have had a way to bevel (chamfer in Autodesk apps) edges that have been selected. I have not been able to find this action in Blender (Using 2.61 in Windows 7 64bit). Online help and forums have only been able to point me to the object modifier called Belevel, or to bevel in the W menu. Both of these apply to the entire mesh, rather than selected edges or verts. Not to mention that the W menu really does not show bevel! I have included images to illustrate what I am shooting for.

Use 2.49 or 2.63 with bmesh.
(i personally prefer the 2.49 bevel, the bmesh one doesn’t work good atm)


If you need to use 2.61 the bevel modifier can bevel only selected edges if you use bevel weights to those edges (read up on the modifier in the blender wiki linked from There are also a number of addons that implement bevelling selected edges. These have been mentioned a number of times so searching the forum should bring up the link.
Otherwise just use blender 2.63