Bevel problem

Any idea what can be the reason of problems at some edges (while most are OK) with the bevel modifier as illustrated below?

It occurs in this animation that I just made:


It Bevels fine for me. There must be a discontinuity in geometry there. Check to see if there is more then one vertex at that corner.

Thanks for your reaction, ridix, but there is only one vertex at the top left corner of the blue front face, for example. I checked this by using ‘block select’ (B) in edit mode for a small square around that corner, giving only one selected vertex. The same applies for the corner of the top green face in the middle between the left and right edges, almost at the back of this green top face.

Box select won’t select both vertices if you have ‘limit selection to visible’ enabled
Just post a link to your blend file

Thank you for your reaction, Richard. I had thought of ‘limit selection to visible’ but that did not help. Here is a link to my blend file:
Please help.

Each of your objects are not one continuous mesh. They have disconnected faces. In your original, move some of the faces and you’ll see the mesh tearing apart. Add edge loops (Ctrl+R) and then remove doubles to create all the connections
I have corrected the green shape in the attached


sixpiecesmovie1.blend (102 KB)

Thank you, Richard. At first I did not understand your reaction, but now I think this is what you mean: If we have two neighboring faces, one with edge AB and the other with BC (A, B and C on the same line), then we had better not use AC als a third neighboring face. In general, a triangular or quadrangular face should only have a complete edge (not only a part of it) in common with a bordering triangle or quadrangle. The yellow lines inserted in your picture illustrate this rule. As far as I know, violating this rule can give correct results as long as the bevel modifier is not used.

I corrected the pieces of the puzzle and made a new improved movie with correct bevel results:
So my problem is solved. Again, thanks!