Bevel question

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I’m trying to bevel the top edges of that cube. The first cube is the one I want to modify. The second one is what I get in Blender (I select the edges all around on top and do bevel. I get this flat, only inside result). The third one is what I’m trying to achieve (did it in Maya, trying to lean Blender). So what am I doing wrong?



Third one is what Blender should give you by default if beveling the top edge.
Make sure object scale is applied (Object mode >object selected > Ctrl+A), then bevel.

Yep! That was it! Thanks! But why do I need to do that step? That freezes the transforms and maybe I don’t want that.

While you are probably right that you shouldn’t have to do that, there are some arguments on the other side. See this discussion.

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IMO, as long as unit exposed is a scene unit and not a percentage or factor, bevel modifier should respect that unit and adapt its effect to scale.
That would be coherent that other modifiers respect that, too.

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All I ask is that if I click on an edge and call bevel, it does it no matter what. :slight_smile:

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