Bevel remeshed object

Hi there

I want to bevel the edges of this object (Object).
It is a extruded 2D SVG Letter. The edges should be evenly rounded. I tryed to remesh the object but the result wasn’t clean.


Much Love Louis

Why not Bevel the SVG?

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Thank you for your awnser NewVisitor

I’ve tried this but the result is unsatisfying.

Just model it, if it’s the only letter.
It’s a very basic shape with a large outer bevel and smaller inner one. And a final small bevel on top.


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Hi Rob

Thank you.

I’ve tried this and i’m happy with the straight part, but the curves are not satisfying

Take out the offset and make the bevel smaller.

Myabe this will helps as well… BlenderBob to the rescue :wink:

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You can also convert a char modelled from a place to a curve, tilt the curve if it is wanted and bevel it for only round edges. The endings may need manual work, belongs want you want.

curve_chars.blend (670.9 KB)

Thanks alot. I followed the tutorial and it helped alot.

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