Bevel... Seams!!!

Every time I bevel an object (recursion 2) blender freezes and dosen’t come back to life… what do I do???

ok question number two… I am building legos from 3D things I import from LDraw (a 3D legoCAD) and when I import say a wall of legos blender makes it just a solid wall… which isn’t what I want… I want to be able to see the lines showing the different lego bricks… Someone said that in other 3D problems its called seams. and another person said in blender the only thing to do is to bevel the edges of EACH lego brick… is this true??? So my main question is this "How can I add lines (seams) between the lego bricks???

atr :RocknRoll:

Well, you could texture the lego blocks to each have a line.

It might be possible to achieve the desired lego effect by duplicating the mesh (or relevant portions thereof) and having the duplicate render as a wireframe (of course you’ll have to change texture settings for it to look right).