Bevel/Solidify Beveled edge continuity

Alright this is a bugbear of mine. For modeling sheet metal for highres stuff, i use Solidify to do the inside for obvious reasons, and bevel instead of control loops, because juggling so many control loops on complicated surfaces gets to be a headache, and i’ve found no reason not to use bevel

apart from this

Trouble is with stuff like the little panel cutout on side the prow there. Just above the lower railing. It’s a square cutout of a “soft” surface. Which would be fine, but without control loops or bevels, the corners turn round

Now if i was using creases for some reason, the crease could carry over to the generated geo, keeping the corners square. But i’m using bevels, so it’s lost. And this applies to any edge trait continuity around the rim edges. The modifier has the options to deal with adding creases to the filled edges, but no bevels, and nor does it continue over any existing traits the edge loop has. It’ll copy the rim’s bevels as it does on the seam between the panels there, but not over the filled edges, which i find absurd

Is there a way around this? Or is that just one of those “yeah just deal with it” problems that forces you to be destructive if you want to apply changes like that?

If there was a way around this, it’d save me a huge amount of headaches