Bevel tool/modifier doesn't work

What’s with blender’s bevel tool/modifier? It seems to me that the tool doesn’t work really well with scalene objects. Here an example of what I mean:

On the far left you can see the object that I want to bevel, in the middle is the real result and on the far right is the ideal result of the object as it should look like when beveld.
Here’s a .blend file of it.

Left is bevel modifier, mid is subdivision modifier with mean crease on the bottom, right is yours.

Both get the general shape right but the modifier can’t do all the work unfortunately.


Bevel.blend (455 KB)

I don’t think developers visit this section, Ognjen. You’re better off asking them directly on IRC or mailing lists.

Believe it or not guys, I have figured this out way before starting this thread. Here’s the prof. But still, it shocks me to see that beveling doesn’t work as I or anyone else expects it to. And to be honest it’s a kind a lot of unnecessary work since the bevel option should work as expected.

Report it then and the developers will make a verdict on whether it’s a bug or not. Who knows, perhaps your shock will turn to be an improvement for Blender.