Bevel tool weird behavior

Hi guys, i have a big problem, maybe, with the bevel tool. I will have to use it a lot for a scene, but due to this problem i can’t really use i at all. It works perfectly on cubes, but besides from cubes it doesn’t produce the same effect on all corners. I will show you a screenshot, because i can’t really explain it well.
That’s just a little example. As you see because the object is not a cube the bevel angle is not 45 degrees. I guess that that’s happening because the bevel tool uses the median point as center (maybe?). Since i have to do a lot of corner smoothing on one object moving the median point will be an impossible technique. My goal really to make the edges smoother with 3 segment bevel, but i want all the edges to be smoothed equally - that’s why i need an equal 45 degrees bevel on all edges.
I don’t have a clue how to solve my problem so i am hoping that you, guys, will give me some idea.

p.p. English is not my native language, so excuse me for my messy writing.

Apply your object scale (in object mode). Ctrl+A -> scale.

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Wow, that really worked. Thank you. I am a bit confused why and how it worked, but it produced the result i was after.

Great community, thank you guys once again!

It is because you rotated and/or scaled an object in -Object mode-.

Doing such operation in -Object mode- does not “apply” the new values as the new default for the objects, so if you want those operations results to be the new default values and so avoid deformation or odd results with modifier, you’ll need to apply them manually with CTRL+A -> Rotation&Scale.

To see what happens, in Object Mode press N and see the “rotation” and “scale” tabs, by default all rotations (x/y/z) are 0 and all scales (x/y/z) are 1.
Now rotate and/or scale and see the numbers changing.
CTRL+A -> Rotation&Scale will apply them and make them the new default values : 0 for the rotations and 1 for the scales.

When you do rotation or scale in -Edit Mode- you do not need to apply them, those operations are not modifying the scale/rotations values that you can see in the N panel when in object mode, so no need of CTRL+A in those case.


If you scale your object in object mode, it doesn’t change the mesh dimensions (dimensions in edit mode) until you apply the scale.
For example, scaling object x2 along Z, your edge lengths along Z are still the same but their presentation has changed. If you then bevel, new edge along Z travels twice as far as another bevel edge along X or Y because it uses the real edge length which is stretched 2x along Z.

Applying the object scale in object mode multiplies edge lengths with the scale values (and sets the new scale values as 1).

Thank you for the detailed explanations, i’ve really learned valuable information today.

My personal rule of thumbs on non-uniform scaling (afaik rotations doesn’t produce side effects):
Always scale non-uniformly in sub-object(edit) mode. [TAB > A (A) > S]

No, it’s caused by Ngon

Sure you answered the right thread? If it is, you didn’t check the problem description nor the thread, or its date.