Bevel Tool

Thanks to Chromoly & Filiciss for this cool addon

Tested with rev 31618 by jesterKing

there are two scripts. must go in the scripts modules folder must go in the scripts addons folder

enable the script in user preferences/addons/mesh:Bevel
You can now use the bevel tool in edit mode w key menu.


Works very nicely for me so far.

my computer’s having issues reading yer file format, it doesn’t know what to do with it. i’m running on a mac with 10.4, could you post a zip or a .py of this script?

I knew this day would come
finally :slight_smile:
tried it on a few things, so far so good

that include syntax error and improper modification.
please change line 202:
v = Vector(1, 0, 0)
v = Vector((0, 0, 0))

still doesnt work on my linux machine… a proper bevel tool within bmesh would do it better i guess.

Don’t know if this is the same thing, but I recently found this one as well. Works well for me, although I needed to download a recent build from

Works well thank you for taking the time out to do this. Much appreciated

when i go to use the bevel tool its showing up in the specials menu but it isn’t letting me use the button, not sure if its something i’m doing or not, i do have the script enabled in the addons

Thank you Chromoly & Filiciss. Scripts make Blender stronger.

I had that problem also, It was because I was using a old build. It works with build r31618.

what link should i use for the bevel script?

do i need a new build or can i use the official 2.53 beta?

blend_B, you don’t need a dedicated build for this addon.
That’s the whole point of python scripting in blender.

I can’t get it to work, the word “bevel” appears in the “w” menu, but it’s not clickable. It’s grey and in line with the “Specials” header, it actually looks just like another header.
I have 2.53 beta

I had that problem also, It was because I was using a old build. It works with build r31618.

read above…

Thanks Chromoly & Filiciss!!!

Bevel is one of my most missed specials! thanks so much for working on this.

i have a new build. i can selecet bevel in the W menu. but then i can not movie it.

Thanks to Chromoly and Filiciss!!! the bevel add-on is really cool!! But it breaks edge creases. Is it possible to fix?

By the way, that tool ( does not break creases. Probably, it’s possible to use it as a reference… - this is my screenshot