Bevel Tool

Hi everyone.

Ive wrote a script that takes advantages of bevel weights. It works in a similar fashion than good old blender 2.49.

Some advantages are:
-dont have to tag bevel every edge.
-can bevel a complete edge loop.
-remove all beveled edges at once. (dont have to untag them)
-its posible to have different amount of bevels with just one bevel modifier

1.-Download the script and put it on addons folder.
download link 2.-Activate the addon “Bevel Weights”

Select an edge and press Ctrl + Shift + E. Move the mouse to adjust the bevel weight.
You can input values using the numeric pad.

Always wanting a better bevel tool (especially one which bevels with quads not tris).
Unfortunately, I think there must be an error somewhere in the script. After installing it, the Addons section (e.g. step 2 of “install”) is all blank. Not even the other addons I had before show up anymore.

Blender 2.55

Right. Its fixed.

Cool - working now thanks. So basically, this allows you to select specific beveled edges and then change the width of those selected edges?

Thats right. It sets the percentage of bevel width applied on each selected edge.

links seems to be dead now

can someone upload it here

i tough there was another advance bevel tool in 2.5 ?

thanks and happy 2.5

I just posted an alternative link. Dont know why is that happening. Hope it works now.

I saw the other bevel script but i couldnt use it while in edit mode. And its called by the search menu what i dont like.

ok nice one for bevel

can you add a new modifier like that to any panel or only the modifier menu?

happy 2.5

You can place it wherever u want by changing the bl_context

bl_space_type = "PROPERTIES"
bl_region_type = "WINDOW"

bl_label = "Bevel Weight"
bl_context = "modifier" (or "object", "data", "material")

Or for object tools.

bl_space_type = 'VIEW_3D'
bl_region_type = 'TOOLS'

bl_label = "Bevel Weight"
bl_context = "objectmode"

Ive tried to place it at “Mesh Tools” but i dont know how, i rather like modifiers panel.

I have updated this script. Now it works in a similar way than blender 2.49.
Select an edge, press Ctrl + Shift + E and move the mouse.
You can also input values using the numeric pad.