Bevel with "harden normals" active and not autosmooth ===> CRASH

Hi. Are you experiencing Crashes when trying to render a scene having a mesh with Bevel modifier on and “harden normals” active (without the auto smooth active)?

… why do you have this setup at all? Harden normals doesn’t do anything if auto smooth isn’t turned on. You even get a warning in this case on the Bevel modifier. If this is causing crashes, then turn harden normals off- again, that setting is doing absolutely nothing for you at the moment

My point is that Blender should not crash.

If you’re doing something Blender explicitly tells you not to, and it crashes… well, yeah, that’s what happens :man_shrugging:t3:

Blender is not saying “no,” it says you have to have something active. When you have thousands of meshes you can miss one of those. I understand that Blender will crash If I throw water into my CPU, but this is not the same.

No - it’s not.
Bevel modifier alone is not sufficient reason it crashes (with or without autosmooth)

Did not get it, Do you also think of @josephhansen? Its a user mistake?

I think instead of crashing; Blender should render Bevel without the outcome of hardening normals. I would not expect my phone crashes if I am trying to make a call and I am in airplane mode…it should just not make the call.

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Bevel modifier works and it does not crash as long as the input mesh is good. There must be something more that causes this issue.

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I will post the message when I see it again. Thank you.