Bevel with Subdiv

Hello fellow Blenderians,
It’s my first post on an forum ever so be gentle :stuck_out_tongue:
I know it probably have been asked before but I cannot seem to find the right answer,
like in the title I have a bit of an issue with my bevel to subdiv workflow, in these type of cases I usually trick my way or make separate meshes with shrinkwrap and data transfer on high poly to bake it nicely on low poly but I wonder if there is any better way or maybe I shouldn’t be doing it this way.
Messing with bevel weight or Profile options in Bevel Mod doesn’t really cut it for me, there’s always something wrong, either ugly corner shading or a visible “cut like” line and I just hate it to look not near perfect. One is set to sharp and other is path in bevel mod, path almost does the trick but still. Is there a specific best way to accomplish clear transition in this geometry or is it a matter of playing around with edge loops or maybe something I am not aware of ? Thanks in advance!

IDK maybe more crease ?:

renders with flat smoothing like this:

or isn’t this what you wanna archieve??

Not exactly, i tried what u suggested before but best i can get is
which is not enough for me
i set cavity and matcap to empower the visibility of what i mean

Okay than you might wanna share a more detailed image o discription? I thought you want a smoothed round subdivd sphere with a sharp bu beveld edged extrusion.

I played around a bit with this setup and think that adding a bit more geometry before sub-d gives the best results:

A bit better when applying 1 level of sub-d before extruding:

(in the second one I actually added the support loops before extruding in z-direction)

subd_extrude.blend (212.3 KB)

I guess I didn’t think this could help before but i still gave it a shot and I think its the closest I got so far to call it rather clean so thanks for reminding me to try simple solutions :stuck_out_tongue:

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No problem! After playing around a bit more, I found an even simpler workflow:

  1. inset, extrude and crease like this:

  2. when you are finished with the large/medium-scale detailing, subdivide twice, remove the creases, and dissolve the highlighted edges:

  3. adjust the edge loops to get the edge bevel radius you desire:


The advantage here is that you do not have create additional geometry/topology manually.

extrude_subd2.blend (291.6 KB)


Holy cow I was never aware creasing before subdiv actually doesn’t revert the crease when I delete it after applying the mod, everyday we learn something new I guess. Thanks a lot for your help!

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