bevel without rounded corner ?

I really amazed by blender how it is light, small in size, very powerful and easy to use
I tried so many time to learn 3d max, I always get lost and bored
after downloading blender, and googling for lesson 1, I feel like I know how to start my project
I’m very enthusiastic about, so I might skipped some advanced learning
however, after searching for my current issue (bevel corner correctly) I didn’t find answers

As per the photo, I have one beveled edge bar, with a tilted end,
so at the end I got a rounded corner, which mean there is missing part if i want to combine 3 bars to make one corner
either I need to make the cut to have none rounded corner (is there another approach for that?)
or I need to cut a full beveled corner into three bars, right?

is there a way to lose that round or keep it full ?