Beveled Bricks - Is it Possible?

So, I’m working on a procedural shader pack, and I’m not at all liking the look of the procedural brick shader, especially on displacement. Now, I tried blurring the node, but that resulted in a horrifying mess, losing all detail, particularly corners… So, is there any way to get this look, without adding 100 brick shader nodes, and getting a gradient among them? Also, I don’t want a code for a custom node. I need to use the default nodes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Use the “mortar smooth” and “mortar size” options on the procedural brick shader

Mortar smooth needs v2.79. Prior to that there is no way to achieve it without using custom nodes or addons.


I created DIY bricks by using wave textures that cross
And then having two of those, one offset, and selecting alternate rows to get the brick stagger.

In black and white it looks like (with the cycles node setup)

Then you can replace the black and white with colours for the mortar and bricks

Hope this helps


PS .blend attachedSupportBricksTexture.blend (554 KB)