Beveling a Curve

Is there a way to bevel a curve object in this fashion?

I’ve attempted a dozen different ways, I’ve tried using a square curve bevel object but the corners looked jagged, I’ve tried re-creating the curve object but animating it was ever harder and it didn’t look decent.

If possibly the resolution was upped on the bevel object, that might work.

Blend File:

The only solution I’ve found is to spike up the Resolution of the curve and edit the handles until the artifacts are gone. But it really destroys the object.

Maybe try just the curve extrude instead of the bevel, then add a solidify modifier on your curve. If necessary, crank up the resolution and turn off smooth on the curve. You might have to make a second inner (or outer) curve with manual adjustments if its not clean enough.

That’s the problem, if I make any inner or outer curves the Curve Guide Forcefield fails and the means to animate it along a path fail as well.

Well, I guess I’ll just do more fidgeting. I mean it doesn’t look bad, it just doesn’t look as good as it could have been.

Can get some success by offsetting the bevel object so that it follows the inside edge of the curve. Inside because those hard turns will then go around handle points instead of intersecting.

Test_ja12.blend (95.9 KB)

Thanks, it’s making progress at least.