Beveling a mesh object?

OK, I have a mesh object (Well, lots of them) on a tech based starship (Namely the Omega from B5)

No, I’m sick and tired of these sharp corners! and I’m also tired of Subdeviding an object 500 times so I can use the smooth button to get rid of them.

How do I bevel the edges in this case???

(Note, this is NOT a curve, it is a regular extruded plane)

Well…I’m not sure if this would solve your problem but you could try using a Sub surface…It might work…Go to the edit menu after selecting your object and press subsurf…Change the values till you get the desired product. I find going over 4 on pretty much anything beside a cube will freeze up your computer…No need for smoothing and you can still edit with a limited number of vertices (SP?)

Nope, SubSurfaces won’t help at all…
I need ONLY the corners rounded, not the entire thing. :slight_smile:

Oops. Sorry…You can highlight the part you need rounded and press w…then press Sub divide smoothe button or somthing like that…Doesn’t solve your problem but it does making what you are allready doing ( I think ) faster…

I have been running into this trap several times. I think you have two choices. Either you plan to include the rounded edges right from the start, or you write a python script, that locates sharp angles between faces, subdivides those in an asymmetrical way and smoothes them automatically.

Everything else is timeconsuming. You can of course subdivide, then select the edge-vertices and say smooth, but it takes much work to lower the vertex-count afterwards, although it is possible with shift-skey (cursor to selected), dotkey (scale around cursor), skey together with ctrl. and remove doubles.

Sorry I have no easy method either