Beveling Bezier Circle with Curve. PRO modelers please!

Question: How do I legitimately close a beveled shape, beyond just “eying it”.

See attached image.

Scenario: Modeling a Sink

  1. Place a Bezier Circle
  2. Create a Bezier Curve as the Bevel Shape
  3. Apply the Curve as a Bevel to the Circle as a BevOb.
  4. I can then manipulate the Curve to alter the Circle shape in the form of a sink.
  5. How can I close the shape at the hole? (See attached)

Is there a way to close this shape definitely, or must I eye it? If I eye it and want to cut into/loop cut this shape later it could cause ugliness.

Image Explanation:
In the attachment I put the camera underneath. The curve is separate from the sink shape (which is just a Bezier circle with a Bevel). The curve is the bevel. notice the whole in the beveled circle. I could simply eyeball an approximation and close this shape easily. Just hoping for a definite way to do so, and therefor aid in a cleaner shape.

Thanks for the help.:D:D:D


When I tried this myself (attached) it seems that the optimum centrepoint of a curve is when Vertex X = 1

EDIT: Ah - it turns out the size it relative. My midpoint is Vertex X = 1, but that is because my spincircle is of size 1. Change either curve and it throws the centrepoint off kilter.


sinkbowl.blend (34 KB)

Is there a way to close this shape definitely
Yes . Basically what you need to do is to offset the entire bevel curve’s object center to the same distance as the radius of the curve circle .

The easiest way to do this is to align/snap the object center of both curves together and then tab into edit for the curve circle and select one control point and use the Shift-S menu to snap the cursor to the selection then select the bevel curve object and select all points and move the entire curve towards the cursor until one of the end control points almost touches the cursor . Then you need to select that control point and convert it to either an Auto or Vector control type handle (this will screw up your curve a bit, but if you don’t all your control handles will snap to the cursor) . Now use the Shift-S menu to snap that control point to the cursor . Hole should now be closed .

I realize this is very long winded, but the actual process is quite simple .

Also, I don’t know if this is just the current buggy behavior or if this is supposed to work like this, but if you want to model an oval sink it is best to scale along either the X or Y axis in Object Mode . Doing it curve edit mode will screw up your results .


bevel_closed.blend (154 KB)

normally i use spin to create whatever sha[pe of glass bowl or surface of rotation

it’s easier to control the thickness and shape!

extrude along path can be use but not iwth as much control !

hoep it helps

Thanks for all the help. I found an easier way based on Vertex Pusher’s ideas. Instead, I placed a NURBs Surface Curve. I then placed dupes and then Skinned. I took the bottom portion, say the bottom of the sink, and scaled to 0, thus closing the bottom completely. I then adjusted the ribs of my shape to compensate so the bottom was flat/curved and not to a point.

So far so good!