Beveling not working

So, I’m trying to bevel a vertex but it isn’t doing it at all. I don’t mean with the modifier by the way I mean with just the vertex option. I thought I’d try it with an edge and it’s not doing it for it either. Has anyone any knowledge or expertise as to why this is happening or what I might be doing wrong?

On Mac I can only bevel a single vertex with cmd+shift+b versus cmd+b to bevel an edge, it might be that you’re using the opposite one.

It’s CMD+B, and then press V for vertex mode.

The option I’m using is straight from the Vertex menu in edit mode. shouldn’t that make it work?

Yeah, it should and for me it does, either using the menu or CTRL+B and V. Maybe your version got a bug here.
Only thing that I could imagine is scale of your object. Is it 1.0 in all dimensions? If not, you need to apply/reset it to 1.0 since beveling will use these values; i.e. if you have xyz set to 0.0001 bevel will not work (or actually it does but it might not be noticeable or show weird behavior.)

It works from top bar vertex menu, but you need to drag mouse cursor further away from target, to even start beveling. In the case of using keyboard shortcut (or context menu) bevel is triggered by very first mouse movement.

Well that’s … unreasonable! (to say the least).