Beveling problems

hey guys. . . got this refrig that i’m trying to model and i want to give the front face of it (the doors) a slightly beveled edge. when i do so, using the bevel tool and a value of .1 . . it gives a kittywhompus effect that is no where near symmetrical nor is it halfway decent. i have tried using a subsurf and applying edge loops to trim up the corners, but that also does not work. . . probably because of the Bmesh topology i have going on.

all help graciously appreciated, stumped here :frowning: attached is a screenshot and the file itself containing the frig.


Kitchen.blend (618 KB)

Your topology on the top of the cabinet is rubbish with disconnected edges. Before you do anything you need to clean it up and be more careful in further modelling.

you could also get SVN for sushi which has a new bevel tool

happy blender

thanks . . . iguess.

The problem is that your model is made of several n-gons, I believe that this is the rubbish Richard was talking about. In order to get more predictable results, you should try modeling objects as quads and triangles (with the former preferred). Try to avoid cutting into objects and leaving disconnected points behind. The bevel tool in its current state is pretty much trash, but you should be able to create the edge loops you were wanting with good topology.

i have no idea how i’m going to go about doing it any better. . . i started from a cube, used KNIFE to cut just 1 face in half (the front) edge slid that down to make my bottom drawer proportion, then used CTRL+R (Edgeloop) to make the top doors. then i extruded inwards, disolved the faces on the sides/top to get ngons there. . . .

what would be a better process?

While ngons are a nice luxury during initial modeling phases of a project, they do cause longer-term problems you leave them on the model. You have just run into some of those problems. That last step of dissolving faces with the goal of getting ngons was probably your downfall. In doing so you likely got rid of a whole bunch of quad faces and triangular faces that created more appropriate topology.

so when i make something like this, and i want to have doors on the front, would it be appropriate to not merge vertices, not extrude inwards like i did but have them hanging off outa nowhere and have quads?

I thought the purpose of modeling was to have all your object be 1 mesh, not peices of geometry hanging in space? please help me here :slight_smile:

Not necessarily – it depends on what you are trying to achieve. There are times when you want ancillary parts of the model to be attached (so that you can, for instance, create a smooth connection point between them). Also, if you are planning on animating an object and all of its parts need to be connected so that the animation looks proper, then, yes, you want to have everything be one mesh.

However, if you are just putting together a static scene of an object that has many different parts and pieces then it is completely appropriate for those pieces to each be their own separate mesh.

As I said, it all depends on what you are trying to achieve.

Mike, i did just what you said and things worked much better! Much appreciated & thanks for the not so snobby reply (as above) lmao

I’m glad I was able to help.

And don’t be too hard on Richard. He can be a little terse at times (but then again who isn’t?), but you will find that if you spend a little time on the forums, he is one of the most helpful people around. He helps dozens of people every week answering questions like yours. He has helped me more than a few times. Once you get to know him a little bit, you will grow to like him – even if he does have a bad day now and again.