Beveling Question

I’m trying to bevel just one set of edges on a mesh. (see image:
I select the edges, press spacebar, then edit>edges>bevel, but then it ends up selecting all edges and beveling. If I can’t do this with the bevel tool, is there any other simple way I could do it? I have thought of duplicating the edges, moving them and enlarging them somewhat, but that would make beveling, say, the eyesockets pretty difficult.

for now there are 2 ways (atleast i can think of 2) to do that:

  1. select edges u want to bevel and use the Bevel Center python script [scripts->mesh->bevel center]
  2. add an edge loop with ctrl+r and scale it to make a beveled edge

this should do just fine, i use nr 2 mostly because its faster to press ctrl+r than getting the script and most of the time it’s good enough.


That was so dumb of me not to remember the edge loop! I don’t have the bevel center script; where would I download it if I want to try it?

The bevel center script is part of the Blender installation. Just open a script view, select scripts->mesh->bevel center. Now select the edges you want to bevel and execute the script.