Bevelled door effect

Hey guys,

I’m going to try this is simple as I can. I want to create a beveled surface, like that of a door, but the Bevel modifier doesn’t help much here. What I’m looking for is an effect similar to this image (from a tutorial). I know I can extrude, then scale as was done to produce this image.

However, my problem is, I want a uniform border around the central face, i.e. one that is say 1 foot (or 1 meter, or whatever) on each side. Obviously this works on a perfectly square face, but doing so on a rectangular face will result in different sized faces (as you can see in the above: the top and bottom are narrower than the left and right).

Is there an easy way to achieve the effect i desire? TIA

Blender 2.63+, select face and Ctrl+F / Inset Faces. Press F6 or look in the toolshelf (T) to adjust the inset settings.

If it doesn’t inset evenly that is due to sloppy modelling. To correct it in object mode use Ctrl+A / scale to clear the differing object axis scales

Thanks, exactly what I needed.