Bevelling a single edge/corner

How do you bevel a single edge in Blender? By this I mean, selecting an edge and bevelling just that edge, instead of the entire object (which is what the Blender bevel seems to be doing currently).

Also, can Blender bevel only a corner? That is: not bevelling the edges, but just a corner where three edges meet.

Blenders bevel feature is not exactly good. So the answers are no and no. When or if a face/edge/vertex edit mode style is incorperated the bevel feature should have a huge makeover to support this.

Not completely true, try the python script by Elby which you can find in this thread: and a direct link to the script:

So the answers are yes and yes…

I was talking about the inbuilt bevel tool…

stop right there!!!

the bevel centre script is included with the 2.34 etc builds

script window>scripts>mesh>bevel centre…
yes it does everything you want,

because of blenders 4 vert quads (no ngon) it will divide the corresponding faces but in a flat way… play and see.

You basically have to manually bevel edges if you want a single edge beveled, the knife tool does a pretty good job at this.

You sir, are a legend! 8)

Thanks, everyone who replied. :smiley:

Sometimes after using Bevel Center I get a Blender crash when entering edit mode on the mesh that was just beveled. Has anyone else encountered this problem?