Bevelling intersections

Hi, basically am creating a model which involves a lot of curved geometry and intersections, and includes a subdivision surface. The way I currently essentially weld pieces together is to use the knife intersect, delete unwanted faces and edges, then bevelling the intersection. However that sometimes can cause weird things to happen with the subdivision surface. Is there a better way of doing this where it does not do this?

Many thanks

can you elaborate with some screenshots please?

You can try a bevel shader, though keep in mind that will only change the look not the actually geometry/silhouette.

This is an example of the sort of joint I want to bevel

And it does need to be a way I can do it whilst modelling the geometry

You might have better luck sculpting- turn on dyntopo and go around the joint with a sculpt brush, easy and fast

you have to make a boolean union and then clean up the geo, some tutorials here for reference of the process