Bevelling issues with modelled logo using bezier curves

Hey all,

Brand new to Blender and these forums.

Using latest build on a Win7 laptop

I used bezier curves to create half a logo, duplicated it, mirrored and brought the two halves together.

I have been trying to get the two halves to be as one but clearly I’m doing something wrong for when I extrude then bevel I get issues.

The logo is shaped like a crest-type shield. Imagine a heart shape but instead of the top center point coming down it goes up into a peak. Not home right now so no pics to show.

Suffice to say if I bevel enough it’s clear that the two points where the halves meet are not one point as they “cross” each other.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I’ll post pics when i get home if necessary.


Did you merge the vertices where both halves meet?

Please post an image of the problem so that we can better help you.

Sorry about that.

Should have waited until after work to post.

I’ll have pics and more details around 7pm EST


Hi all,

I have a sneaking suspicion I’m missing something very basic and will feel the fool once the error has been pointed out…so, here we go with the pics

What we have in the first pic is the right side is half of the logo made with bezier curves. Then duplicated, mirrored and brought in close.

These are the two vertices I want to join. Same with two vertices at bottom.

Here’s what happens when I put the two halves together, extrude and THEN bevel. The bevelling produces the result below. Looks like the two halves stay two halves.

So, what am I missing? I select the two vertices in edit mode…then? CTRL+V doesn’t bring up the Vertices Menu. ALT+M doesn’t bring up the Merge Menu.

Clearly I’ve messed up somewhere.

BTW, if I delete the edge between the top and bottom vertices on both sides, select, say the top two vertices and ALT+C to “close” the two bezier curves (left and right) I’m back to where I started and the same thing results when I bevel.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


The only way that I can see this working is by joining curves together so s to be contiguous as in other software, but I’m not sure where that option would be in Blender, and since I am at work at the moment, I can’t test this out until a little later. Another way, would be to convert your finished product to a mesh and then join verticies that way, but the mesh will be a mess. I’ll have a look, but by that time someone else might have an answer for you.

The closest solution I came up with was to make sure that clipping was on in the mirror modifier while constructing the curve, which didn’t give me a closed 2D vector shape, converted the curves to a mesh, then back to a curve (although it wasn’t a bezier curve any more) then did the extrusion and bevel. I had to do it this way, just because of the mirror modifier and its inability to be applied to the curve.

Another way to join the curves is to mirror without using the modifier but the Ctrl-M command after duplicating the curves. Move the two halves where you want them and close together and create a small segment between the two points you wish to have joined. Delete one of them and you have a continuation from one half to the other creating one curve object.

Thanks guys.

I did what you suggested in your second paragraph, except I extruded only the half mesh, THEN put the together deleting the faces along the seam where the two halves joined. Worked out pretty good.

Thanks again everyone.