(olaf) #1

As many people said bevelling is the key for a good object, i
modelled a drawer with a lot of bevelling.
Now I have to create a nice scene around it…

What ya think?

Greetz, Olaf.

(kaktuswasse) #2

great! Lighting,texturing and modelling are very well done.

keep on blending,

(scrappy) #3

even thoug there is no scene the light looks like it is coming from the hall way threw a half opened door…nice :wink:

(valarking) #4

sgt squeeks will wet himself over this. :wink: :smiley: :wink:

(Elsdon) #5


You may have a scene by itself.


(S68) #6

Your bevelling is really good, and wood texture is nice.

Comments are:

wood texture could be nicer if it were not so uniform and horizontal

Bump map don’t go with Spec. It is spec as if it were shiny polished wood, while it is bumped like if it were raw wood…

It looks like being a SINGLE PIECE! where are joints?


(SGT Squeaks) #7

HOLY CRAP!!! how did I miss this one! finally someone who listens to my beveling advice. This makes me so happy!!! :smiley: If I remembered the link to my special limited collectors edition Sargent Squeaks emoticon I would post it. :smiley:

(olaf) #8

Thanks for comments and suggestions too…

@S68: thought about your comments a lot and so I decided to build the modell once again. I put the modell in several pieces ( holy moly, so much work ) and bevelled every !!! Edge again ( greetz SGT Squeaks ;-)) ). The texturing
is a little bit tricky to do in Blender, but afterall the drawer looks much nicer now IMHO.

happy blending, greeeetz Olaf.

(Idgas) #9

looks awsome very nice job great bevels
only one thing, i know its alot of work but try this it makes for a better look.

When you assemble wood it connects in defferent manners. Most drawers use either datto joints or rabit joints or nails, screws etc, etc…
try to use one of them instead of a normal 45 dergree angle.


(SGT Squeaks) #10

beutiful bevels!!! :smiley:

(ec2) #11

That is a nice piece of work. Your lastest render really stands out.

Did you start with curves or mesh objects? How did you approach the beveling?

(olaf) #12

Thanks Idgas for your improvement suggestion, i will try that
out and post a new rendering…, but it’ll take some time…

(olaf) #13

I followed a tutorial and that piece of rendering came out.
Look at:

On this place i will thank you to all blending people writing such
helpfull tutorials for us newbies!!! special thanks to Pofo :smiley: !!!

(ec2) #14

Ah yes, I’ve read that one earlier. I will keep it in mind. Thanks.

(pofo) #15

That’s a good looking drawer :slight_smile:

Yay! Someone liked my first tute :smiley: (or at least found it somewhat useful)

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