Beware of sleep.

I’ve searched several engines (maybe im using the wrong search terms) for information regarding the pain that one might encounter if he/she sleeps on their arm or in an uncomfortable manner. If you’ve experienced this you’ll know what im talking about. The pain lasts for a few days and at times its REALLY painful.

Since I haven’t really found any information on this I was wondering if anyone here has experienced the same thing and if you guys know anything that I can do to remedy this pain.

In my case I slept on my side on the couch without a pillow and my neck really hurts now. Isn’t there anything I can do to help ease the pain?

Why you sleeping on the couch ?

I went to a party and all of the beds were taken, and I didn’t wanna sleep on the floor. Also, I wasn’t in a sober enough state to drive home.

Might I suggest, sleep on your back and breath through you nose (no snoring), If you take your arms and cross them across your chest with you hands interlocked it seems to be helpful. Yes, I have had painful sleeps and this seems to help. Let me know if this helps…

Good on ya for for not drinking and driving. I’ve had the same pains on ocasion too.

Is it worse when lifting your arm/moving it in circles? Do you have an unusual feeling in your arms, such as tingling or “ants crawling”?

I’m no doctor and this is not medical advice, but your arm does need rest (no pitching, no tossing the pigskin). When I get that, it’s because something is strained – a nerve, a tendon, a cushioning sac in the articulation. Remedies that worked for me were off-the-counter painkillers and non-prescription anti-swelling pills (such as Ibuprofen, which I’m currently taking, or Diclofenac). Again, I’m no doctor, they might not work, and it is possible to get adverse effects from Ibuprofen and other non-prescription drugs (allergic reactions. Diclofenac, for instance, is adverse to heart conditions.) If the pain is too intense and/or persists for too long, which I doubt for your case, you gotta get an orthopedist to fix you up.

That could help me in terms of reducing the duration of the pain, but I cant say if that will help me yet because it requires me to sleep. I’ll try it tonight and let you know if I notice any difference. Thanks for the response :wink:

I haven’t really lost mobility in my neck. I mean I can actually move it, but when turn my head to the left the pain really kicks in. I feel it deep in the muscles. I think the pain may just be the result of strained muscles during sleep.

Isnt there some way I can just soothe the pain immediately or will I just have to wait it out?

Is the pain in any way associated with the bump on the back of your head where the toilet seat hit it, or is it localized to your shoulder which was dislocated when it contacted the floor?

You can soothe the pain by putting a towel around your neck, which will trap in the heat, relax the muscle and stimulate blood flow. A thick soft terry towel.

My dad had that once, found out later it was a minor heart attack.

I slept on my head once, (or could it be more, I don’t remember) anyway, then my neck hurt when i turned it far the one direction, it was funny, my advise, don’t sleep on your head… I just stretched it a little farther each day, until i could stretch it all the way, it felt like my neck was cramping when i turned it… i think it lasted a few days, I don’t remember anymore.

or it could be a tumor. a spinal tumor. inoperable.

or a herniated disk with random fragments waiting to pinch or slice nerves the next time you move your head suddenly

You’re in an encouraging mood, aren’t you pappy? :wink:

Ibuprofen, to relax the muscles, or just cope with it. As usual: use your sound judgment when using any medication, and read the bloody labels. The best medication: a nice hot bath.

I’ve had it a few times when I get really tired and just went to bed without making a proper cocoon, was stiff for a week.

A high level of stress can also lead to it (still puzzled how, but I got that once, almost couldn’t walk around for 5 days because my back hurt so bad).

Oh and the floor is better than the couch, it enables you to moove around in your sleep, you’ll get a little cramped, but nothing like feeling like your arm is being ripped off at the shoulder.

If you think that is painful,

I should post some pictures of some of the women I woke up with, after drinking too much.

Alcohol is a known toxic solvent , I dont suggest using it for any thing else.
Ingesting it makes no sense whatsoever.

Friendship, and companionship are the true way to happiness (in my shallow opinion) ,
Once Friendship, or Happiness around your peers requires you to be intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, I highly recommend finding a new hobby , and a new set of friends.

Right peoples, take a step back from the pils. When you’ve badly slept, the world won’t stop turning you know. Stop eating away at pills like Ibuprofen and other painkillers as if they were candy.

By the way nice article here…

and Mmph! aren’t you a bit black/white about alcohol? Water is also a solvent… The art of living is to find the balance in everything…

Not sure if that was a general comment, but if your drunk, don’t sleep on your back. If you vomit in your mouth you may not be able to wake up and you’ll choke to death when the vomit goes down your windpipe.

I’ve had this before (used to have it a good deal, but now not so much since I rarely sleep in anything but a bed), and generally the best thing I’ve found is just to bear through the pain. If its really common, and occurs more than when you sleep on couches (like when you sleep in cars or even in bed), you might try going to the doctor. Believe it or not, Google does not have a medical license (or training) and is not always the best source of info (though it could always be one).

Other things you might try, assuming your thinking its muscle pain, are hot showers, icy/hot patches, heat blankets, massages (:eyebrowlift:), myoflex/other relaxer, ibuprofen (Motrin brand is very good for muscle pain, but its probably just placebo effect on me), and maybe some stretching if its not too painful.

Thanks for all the info guys, I find that heat helps soothe the pain. It’s been slowly fading but its still there. I’m sure i’ll be okay by tomorrow.

Just take this as a word of advice…

Make sure you’re comfortable when you go to sleep, or you’ll be risking having to keep your head tilted to one side for a day or two due to the discomfort resulting from sleeping in a strange position.

And by the way, I wouldn’t say I was drunk. Just pretty buzzed. (I had 4 margaritas and 1 beer)

College parties… gotta love em.

Mmpf! you said what I was going to say - that pain doesn’t go away with pills, only more alcohol and denial.

I often sleep in weird positions but it usually goes away after a few hours - having had alcohol probably causes your body to remain in that position longer than usual - it’ll pass. Or it might be a tumor like papa sais, in which case, Good Luck™

Sometimes I do fall asleep on my arm. But then in a few hours I wake up to find it completely numb. :smiley:

lol… I’m sure its not a tumor or fragments of bone or whatever, i think you guys are just trying to make me paranoid :spin:

Anyway, its day 2 and I tried sleeping in a position that pixelmass described and the pain has reduced quite a bit. I bearly feel it anymore. I’ve had this problem with my arm before and it lasted like 4 days :eek:

Luckily this one has faded away quickly.

So, if anyone else ever has this problem, apply heat to the source of the pain and sleep the way pixelmass described. It also helps if you get your girlfriend (or mom if you dont have a girlfried) to massage the area.