Beware The Trees 3rd version scroll down 11/28

This was under WIP thread as swamp-redo. Now I think it’s done so here is the finished version. Thanks for all the suggestions both in the WIP thread and the original swamp thread.
Click on thumbnail for 640 X 480 version.

And for a 1024 X 768 version:


whaa, superb modelling and cool composition!

wow. how did you make the tree… was it pure modelling or is there an easier way?

Nice work paradox.

I think the lighting could be a little more dramatic and moody though. Right now it seems like it has one small spot light pointed to it instead of a global lighting system.


Thank you Gelutu.
bigbad - the tree was created using the l-sytem script (do a search on this board) then I shaped it, duplicated it added some textures and generally picked at it until I got what I wanted.

BdDm thanks. As for the lighting well there is all kinds of lights 3 halos one with a shadow map, a blue light for contrast, and a few others. I also added a bit of glow to brighten up the sky and the scene which may have changed the looks of the other lights. The first swamp scene I did long time ago was more moody and dark. This time I tried for a contrast between the weird trees, the skulls and the bright daylight scene. I don’t know if I pulled it off but I was trying to do something a bit different than the first picture. Thanks for the observation though. Oh yeah and its also blender internal raytracing. I’ll look at this again after I take a break from it and decide if I should work on the lighting some more.

Great, Paradox, but both versions seems to lack of antialiasing?
Anyway I like it very much. :slight_smile:


they kinda look more like tenticles than tree limbs :expressionless:

turned out great, man. i like the chunky trees. great skulls too.

Thanks for all the comments.
env - thank you and as always great eyes. I guess if you look at something too much you go blind. I had turned off osa while working on this and forgot to turn it back on :expressionless: Ha ha. But as you can see below it does change the whole scene. Lost some texture effects on the trees but especially on the ground. Looks like I need to re-evaluate this some more. Some pictures just won’t let go.
Thanks Modron.

GhengisKhan thanks, actually I was trying to create an impression of tenacles instead of branches so good observation.

Here is a new version with antialiasing and no glow. Comments?


Mm… OSA made disappearing some of the textures? It’s strange. Did you try to increase the bump value for the incriminated textures (I guess that it could be a bumping problem)?


yes env that was strange to me too. But in the meantime I came up with a compromise. I rendered with oversampling (twice size and reduce in gimp)
This brought back the textures and yet cleaned up the antialising on the skull and some of the branches. I also put back in the glow as I liked it better. So the result is a combination between the first version and the second versions above.

and a link to a 1024 X 768 oversampled at 2048 X 1536


Yes, it worked very well. :slight_smile:


Yeah! :slight_smile:

Try some spot halos…

I´m sorry for bothering you again. But i´ve searched in the forum for I-system. Couldnt fing it. Could you give me link or something?

btw looks great.


bigbad - my bad (sorry couldn’t resist) I was tired when I posted that. It is L system as JordanK said and here is a link for a version that was updated by jms and works with later versions.

also a tutorial


Thnx alot for the links. Lookes cool.

Must do a tree. :stuck_out_tongue:

you welcome, now I’m looking forward to seeing your tree. Have fun.