Bewitching Darkness

Hey guys! :smiley:

This is my latest project, titled “Bewitching darkness”. I was inspired by seeing the Milky Way for the first time in real life, on a camping trip a while ago. This took about 2.5 weeks to complete, and everything is done in Blender, using Gimp for textures.
Also I want to say a big thank you to everyone in focused critique. I couldn’t have done it without you guys!

Full resolution

Cycles GPU render-time: 1.5 hours at 1000 samples at 1920 x 2601 resolution.



I have only one criticism. I see the bottom, top and right with too much margin. I think it could improve the framing composition/cropping. However, it’s a great work.

will be wallpaper.


why not use sverchok for airport?

Nice work, wallpaper quality indeed. The planet’s rings seem to cut abruptly on the right side though.

Wow thank you guys! And somebody rated it 5 stars, my heart is pounding! xD

That’s a shadow! xD


I don’t understand what you mean. Maybe my bad english haha
Sverchok for create another buildings?

You deserve the five stars, BjarkeDuDe :slight_smile:

Excellent work, I like a lot your composition 5starts

Really nice theme, and concepts! Congrats

Beautiful and impressive art. And also I like colors.

For bringing up Old sci-fi memories only you deserve 5 stars.

Great composition indeed, and I like this juxtaposition of different elements (farm with wheat field and planets and moons). The compositing is also appealing to me. Well done!

good stuff, very nicely done.

Very cool! This is very well done! kudos!

This looks pretty nice :slight_smile:

Reminded me of the Pixar short, “Lifted,” as soon as I saw it. Beautiful.

Very good! I wanted to comment again on the focused critique, but I was rather busy and did not get a chance - I like the end result though - much more coherent as a final piece than before.

Amazing! Wouldn’t change a thing.

D’aww, thank you everybody you’re all just too nice. :slight_smile:

Love the composition, could be a great progressive rock cd cover :wink: