Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer

Here’s the HD trailer:

Quite nice quality FMV but it’s just good to see they are making another one. The first one was a really good game. No ETA, we just know it will be out for the PC, XBox360 and PS3.;title;3

I keep hoping one day we’ll actually see games that look like that video. There was a demo recently showing how close we are to it:

When gaming reaches that quality it’s goodbye to render times. You would just never need to use a standard rendering engine again. Why wait for minutes/hours to render a single frame with AO, GI etc when you can get this quality at 30+ fps in HD?

It’s great that they are doing another one despite the first one wasn’t a huge commercial success. It’s hellishly good game, propably the best in its genre.
I rarely like 3rd person action adventure games, but they managed to do so much right with the first one, that I devoured it. Which reminds me, I should re-install it. :smiley:

I hope this is will be in the same ball park.

I played the first game,and it was awesome,the Pey’J Look’s reallly awesome on the trailer

well,i already i sniffed fifty flies