Beyond Imagination

(Open the image in a new tab for clarity)

Hello once again,
Sayan as usual and here’s my latest work.

Wanna know how to achieve something similar? Check out the article here:

Hope you like it and stay I would love to hear from you. Just leave a comment and that would mean a lot to me.

another tree…what is up with that? Nicely done nonetheless. Very interesting concept. Good composition and colors. Great textures. I wouldn’t sign 3D artwork since you didn’t create it by hand. That’s my opinion.

Thanks for your comment. I like to do it. Maybe a bad habit. Thanks again for your opinion.

Then why are you here? Trolling?
What do you use when using your computer? Hint, they’re at the end of your arms…
You also use your immagination to create the scene.

Hold your horses Tuxon, don’t get all whiny because I said my opinion. All I said is that he didn’t create it by hand. I never discredited his imagination. I believe a hand signature is for the one who made his/her piece by hand. A caption would have sufficed in a 3D render. Just my opinion.

He did create it by hand… The tree didn’t magically appreared on the screen. He had to create it. Hejust used a different tool to do it.

PS: You’re entitled to your opinion, but that doesn’t mean its a valid one.

Thanks Tuxon86. I personally like to add a signature.

You did great work and you’re intitled to sign your name on it. I wish I could be as proficient as you, maybe one day.

See, at least he did something original with what would otherwise be a generic tree image (with the base and the door).

Also, it’s actually common practice for artists to use photos as textures in CG work (oftentimes edited in a way to remove shading or extract a heightmap).

Again, it’s a nice image, though the green halo seems to be a bit rough.

I planted a tree once,; shes still pregnent

Nice work and the article was cool too. I like the dream like appearance of the image. Keep creating and signing as you go.

Thank you everyone for your honest feedback.
Ace dragon: I will be careful about the halo from now.

nice image.plants look good,made with ivy generator?

Yes, the hanging plants are made with ivy generator but the bottom bush is sapling tree.
Thanks for your compliment.

Here’s how the models look in 3d.

It was a nice experience creating the tree bark material. I used three complex node groups.

Hope you like it.


Hey really cool concept Sayan, a flying upside down tree home in space? You have good imagination.

And just to join the signing debate - I don’t see the problem with signing a 3D piece personally but that’s just my own personal opinion.

@Artloader Thanks for your kind words.

Ah! beautiful image and original concept! 5 stars from me! :smiley: