Beyond The Belt Needs your Help with a cute robot

Hello Blender folks. I’m working on a YouTube show. the show has been a real blast but as much as I have learned about Blender I’m still having massive gaps when creating content. I was wondering if someone could help with with rigging a character and also some other base Blender things i.e I have no clue how to animate colour change. The person or group of people would get a credit in the opening credits as well as be listed on the shows site. is the first episode

change color how? of the materials, lighting or what?

I’m looking to have the material turn from black glossy to white semi transparent

you can do that with keyframes, you press i in the value of the node and like that you can animate it, keyframe from the starting frame you want to have glossy, and then set the timeline to a further frame and key the value again in the desired value…