Hello Blender team,
I have been working on an LGBTQ Science fiction comedy show for over 3 years. Although I have worked very hard on learning how to use Blender I think I have maxed out on my skill set. I’m looking for a partner in crime who can help me bring some of my sets to life. Although I have created some of the items already they look like dog $%$. Ideally I’m looking for someone who is part of the LGBTQ community however if your a cool person that’s fine. Please checkout some of my work on instagram as well as the website for the project This would be a fun sandbox project from one or two people where you can really shape the visual look of the show. I will also be launching a kickstarter soon if it is successful I would love to pay the person/s a small amount for their work. There are also some really cool ways I can help you out.

Been flicking through your Instagram and website…

First of all - your collage and painting are very strong.

When you say you’ve been working on it for 3 years - is that scripting? Do you have whole sections filmed on greenscreen? Is it going to be an animation? Do you have voice-acting recorded? If it is going to be an animation - can you 2D animate in your digital collage style - in Blender or something else?

  1. Thanks it’s always great to get good feedback
  2. The whole process has taken 3 years. I pretty much started with a graphic design setup and have been teaching myself script writing animation after fx. Last September I started the process of coming up with the concept for the show. for the past year I have developed puppets Adobe character animator puppets and trying to make things in blender
  3. their will be live actors filmed on a green screen however they have not been filmed.
  4. I can do most of the work myself however as this process expands I’m open to let more people in.

This looks funky. I’ll volunteer to help you on this project. Never really collaborated on a project before so idk how I can help.

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do you have a portfolio?

Yeah, you cam see my work here It’s a combination of 3D art and photography. I would still like to help

Not LGBTQ but looking for good teams. This sounded like space dandy at first but still seems cool.

Hello Gabe. I have the first of the designs I need help with. I feel like the style is totally fitted to you. Please feel free to email me [email protected] or send me your preferred chat tool.

Can I join? I’m new in blender